Black Lodge Screening Room 1: American Horror Story, Cooties, Favorite Movie Monster

The Black Lodge Screening Room has returned for another spooky episode!

This week your hosts Max and Jessica talk about the new season of American Horror Story: Haus of Gaga. Does this season live up to the promise of AHS Season 1, or is it going to be a big ‘ol mess like the subsequent seasons (arguably) were? Also, why does showrunner Ryan Murphy insist on being so darn joyless and just a little rape-y about his horror? Jessica is tentatively on-board because of Hot Goths Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer, whereas Max thinks AHS: Coven was good enough to give this season a shot. At least both hosts can agree that Scream Queens is terrible…

Also, Max and Jessica compare their answers for favorite horror monster and favorite horror setting, regardless of the quality of the film. While they agree on one point, a brief argument breaks out over whether a certain movie actually has a ghost in it or just a bad, bad person.

What are your favorite scary movie monsters and settings? Let us know in the comments or email us at!

This week’s Trailer Talk subjects:

  1. Pumpkinhead is my favorite movie monster (aside from graboids of course : )~ )



    1. Oh good choice! I haven’t seen that movie in years… I may be due for a rewatch.



  2. I’m liking this new podcast.

    Being a big fan of sci-fi horror, my favourite settings are ships – the Lewis and Clark, Nostromo, Elysium. As for favourite monster…hmm. I like angry house spirits (I just watched House on Haunted Hill).



    1. Thanks for listening!! It’s a lot of fun to do.

      Also House on Haunted Hill was on my personal Top 5 list of settings.. creepy death houses with dark basements are always a blast.



  3. Is this going up on Itunes Liore?



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