BLSR 3: The Killer is Coming From Inside the Internet!

Hey look — it’s another episode of Black Lodge Screening Room! Max and Jessica briefly escape being lost in time long enough to sit down and talk about what’s on their minds in the world of horror.

This week: killer internet! We looked at two bookends of the modern “internet killer” genre, Feardotcom (2002) and Unfriended (2014). Both movies involve evil spirits who cruise the internet looking for revenge, but only one of them handles technology in an interesting way. (Hint: It’s not Feardotcom.. dot com.)

We also give mention to other movies that touch on death by technology, be they social media (Antisocial), wifi (Kairo/Pulse), or cell phones (One Missed Call).

This week’s Trailer Talk is all about a movie that we are very excited to check out, Ben Wheatley’s adaptation of High Rise:

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