BLSR 4: The Witch, The Purge, Did the Blair Witch Ruin Everything?

This episode we take on the question that has got horror movie fans talking: Is The Witch a horror movie? Is it scary, or are good and free-thinking people being boondoggled into watching an… oh no… arthouse potboiler? We discuss what we loved about the movie (a lot) and why some people might be disappointed by it. Also, Black Phillip: best cinema goat?

(Note that we get right into everything about The Witch, so don’t listen if you don’t want spoilers!)

Speaking of witches, we discuss our favorite witch movies, which gives Max the opportunity to hold forth on why the Blair Witch Project ruined everyone’s fun. Still.

And finally, this week’s Trailer Talk segment is on the new cinematic trailer for The Purge: Election Year. Max seems generally positive about the movie, while Jessica has choice things to say about the whole stupid Purge concept. (Won’t someone think of the insurance rates?!)

As promised in this episode, The Witch fan art!
(from Instagram user ibtrav)

(by mattrobot)

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