31 Days of Scary Movies: Day Three


Each and every day this month I’m going to suggest a different underappreciated or unknown horror movie gem that I think you should watch. I’ve curated a pretty good list of lesser-known films that covers everything from supernatural thrillers to explosive gorefests, from North America and abroad. In each episode, me and often a guest will take 5 – 10 minutes and tell you why today’s movie deserves a spot on your October watch list.

31 Days of Movies: Day Three

Guest: Max from the Black Lodge Screening Room
Genre: South Korean; Musical horror
Length: 5m36s
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  1. Can you please put the title of the movie in the post? Reviewing a movie but refusing to name it seems to be sacrificing long term accessibility (Am I supposed to remember which day was which movie if I want to go back and find one?) in the name of a short term gimmick. Plus, you know, Google might send people your way for specific titles.



    1. Nope, sorry! I like my gimmick. 🙂

      For what it’s worth I’ll be doing a summary of each week with movie titles listed, and if you are playing the file in a podcast app or have subscribed to the podcast feed you can see the movie in the episode title.



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