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Jessica is a Canadian lady with weird hair who moved south and married an American. She likes indie horror movies, strategy games, and pushy cats.


Black Lodge Screening Room 1: American Horror Story, Cooties, Favorite Movie Monster

The Black Lodge Screening Room has returned for another spooky episode! This week your hosts Max and Jessica talk about the new season of American Horror Story: Haus of Gaga. Does this season live up to the promise of AHS Season 1, or is it going to be a big 'ol mess like the subsequent ...


Black Lodge Screening Room 0: Hello Horror Fans!

The Black Lodge Screening Room is not yet on iTunes, but you can subscribe now in your podcast client of choice with this feed URL. Welcome to the Black Lodge Screening Room, a new podcast for fans of the horror genre with your hosts Max and Jessica! Why did we create this show? Because we ...